Why Flag?

Flag football is the fastest growing sport in the world. And for good reason.

Whether you're a traditional football fan, have tried other sports, can't remember the last time you laced up your sneakers, or are a recent convert to flag, discover the unique benefits Gridiron offers below.

For Football Parents

Does your kid dream of being the next Tom Brady or Lawrence Taylor?

There's no better - or safer - introduction to football fundamentals than flag football, a non-contact sport that actively prevents injury. Plus our unique progression style means the learning doesn't stop there.

Our 7v7 and Flex programs will take your kid's off-season football training to the next level. We offer highly competitive leagues and elite training camps with an emphasis on building passing and defense skills, as well as learning classic football plays that will accelerate their football development.

For Soccer, T-Ball & Other Sport Parents

When we were kids, weekends were filled with t-ball, soccer and peewee football. Few other options existed. Not anymore!

Flag football has much smaller teams than soccer, which means more playing time. Games are shorter and faster than t-ball, making them more fun to play AND watch (we've been there!). And did we mention flag football is one of the safest youth sports to play?

Plus, our recreational and competitive leagues have condensed seasons without the long roadtrips that come with traveling sports leagues.

For Parents Unfamiliar with Youth Sports

Kids are more tech-savvy than ever before. But along with that comes a lot of solitary, indoor screen time.

Flag football is a great game everyone can play– boys and girls of all ages and abilities are welcome! At Gridiron, your kid will make new friends, learn good sportsmanship and teamwork, spend time outside, build their self-confidence, and develop healthy habits that will last a lifetime.

For Flag Football Parents

So you already know the benefits of flag football. But why Gridiron?

Because no one does it better.

Does your 5 year old just want to have fun with his/her friends? We have a league for them! Does your teenager dream of becoming a D1 collegiate athlete? We have a program to help them achieve that! But it doesn't stop there.

It's also about the experience you'll have as members of the Gridiron community. From our incredible league operators, to the pro-level swag, to Game Days that rival the best at Disney.

Because when you join Gridiron, you're joining something pretty special. We can't wait to show you!

Welcome to a new era of football

Are You Ready?

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