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Our local league organizers are the heartbeat of Gridiron. They're the personal connection between our team, and the families and communities we serve. Gridiron will provide you with the best tools, training and resources to ensure your success as an approved league operator with Gridiron.

Why should I start a Gridiron Football league?

As an approved league operator, you’ll have access to an organization with years of experience in operating non-tackle football leagues and supporting other league operators. Take advantage of the tools, services and products that make Gridiron Football the leader in flag, 7v7 and flex football.

– Easy league setup with no franchise fees!

– Join the fastest-growing non tackle football league in the country

– Freedom to set up and run your league according to the needs of your local community

– Assume ownership of an existing league, or establish a new one with your current flag football league

– Receive a chance to participate in regional tournaments and quality for the Battle5 National Tournament.

– Promote your league by taking advantage of free Gridiron marketing resources and achieve growth with the help of our dedicated support team.

– Joining the Gridiron community means you’re no longer operating alone. You’ll be backed by our staff along with thousands of league operators, coaches, parents and players.


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