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Gridiron Football is the leading non-contact youth football organization in the country. No one knows - or does - football better.

We’re the only organization to offer a comprehensive player progression for boys and girls. Meaning the kids in your community can start as toddlers in our 4U program and play all the way through high school in both recreational and competitive 5v5 flag and 7v7 touch football leagues.

Gridiron staff and operating partners represent the best, most successful leagues in the country. You can benefit from the expertise of elite flag and tackle football operators, successful business builders, product designers, marketers, supply chain experts, data and technology leaders, and training and development experts.

Most leagues charge new operators an upfront fee and take a hefty annual cut for just providing a jersey. We call them the “good luck” leagues because that’s about all they provide. We take the opposite approach. We’ve built a roadmap to success called The Gridiron Standard. And we’ll walk alongside you to ensure your success as a Gridiron Commissioner.

Apply today to become a Gridiron Commissioner with no franchise fees, zero upfront costs, and a world-class team behind you to ensure your success.

Current Opportunities

Start Your League

  • $0 upfront costs!
  • Get your league up and running easily with our step-by-step playbook and proven training
  • Start your own business… but not alone! Our team is here to walk alongside you every step of the way. All while you have the freedom to run your league according to the needs of your local community.
  • Leverage the power of the Gridiron brand with access to a full suite of professional print and digital marketing templates
  • Receive access to national partnerships and exclusive Gridiron gear, warehouse, and just-in-time inventory management
  • Chance to participate in regional tournaments and receive an invite to the Gridiron National Championship.

Convert Your League

  • Stop paying franchise fees! Transfer to Gridiron Football with $0 upfront costs!
  • Benefit from the credibility and reputation of Gridiron Football, the leading non-contact youth football organization in the country.
  • Set your league apart with a comprehensive suite of professional print and digital marketing templates.
  • Joining Gridiron Football means you’re no longer operating alone. You’ll have the full support of our staff along with thousands of dedicated league operators, coaches, parents and players.
  • Chance to participate in regional tournaments and receive an invite to the Gridiron National Championship.

Meet a few Gridiron Operators

Ryan / Ohio

“After participating as a coach in a Gridiron League in Arizona and relocating to Ohio, we knew we had to get a Gridiron Program up and running ASAP!

The start-up process was quick and simple, and any time that I had questions (which there were a lot) the Gridiron team was there to answer them. From marketing, to setting up registration, rostering, scheduling, and managing Game Days, the Gridiron team has been there to support us step by step completing our first season in the Spring of 2023. We are looking forward to growing and expanding throughout the greater Ohio area!”

Blake, Adam, and Corey / South Carolina

“It has been almost 1 year since Myrtle Beach Gridiron hit the ground running and what a success it has been as we have grown to be the region's largest youth flag football organization. 

It was intimidating at first trying to create our own league. There were so many questions that needed to be answered and avenues that needed to be explored. This work couldn’t be done alone, we needed a team and the support from our amazing Gridiron HQ Staff.

'It takes a village; and there is truly something special brewing here with Gridiron in Myrtle Beach.”

Kurt / California

"We partnered with the best youth flag football company in the nation - Gridiron Football. Their people and their product are first class, and the best is yet to come for Flag Football in Modesto, California.

Their support, marketing resources, and training have been extremely beneficial towards helping us start our program!"

FAQs? We've got you covered.

Why should I start a Gridiron flag or 7v7 football league?

The benefits to League Operators includes:

-Quick and Easy Activation Process

-Real-time, 24/7 Operator Support

-Customized Marketing for your league! Plus templates, and tools to help you grow!

-Regional and National Tournaments

-Quality Uniforms (Jersey + Short) and Flag Belts for every player

-Unique player development pathway (Beginner Fun-damentals Program, Flag Football, 7v7)

-Strong branding and credibility

-Ability to tailor your program to best fit your market

-Unmatched onboarding, training, and league success program

How do I start a Gridiron flag or 7v7 football league?

We're actively looking for passionate, motivated individuals with an entrepreneurial spirit to join our National Gridiron League Operations Team. Whether you have an existing league, experience managing youth sports, or none of the above, our onboarding, training, and support will help you build a successful program from start to finish!

We thoroughly vet, hire, and train all interested League Operators to ensure there is opportunity for success and a longterm partnership.

If this is you, fill out the form below and you will receive an email, text, and/or phone call from our team within 1 business day!

I already run a flag football league. Why should I switch?

Becoming a member of the Gridiron team, means more than just sourcing a uniform. Our innovative approach to growing the game with our operators, creates additional opportunities for growth and expansion outside of your normal operations.

We're always striving to be innovative in our approach, and want to work with individuals and small teams that share the same vision and passion for the future.

Interested in converting your league to Gridiron? Click HERE

How much does it cost to become a Gridiron League Operator?

Starting or affiliating your league with Gridiron is free. Typical expected start-up fees include setting up your LLC and marketing spend in your community. 

Unlike many others, we've chosen not to charge start-up fees, allowing our League Operators to put that money towards growing their program and creating an amazing experience for all.

How does the operating structure work?

We provide all of the tools, resources, support, and training needed to successfully start or convert your league.




-League Operator Support

-Website / Registration Platform (Custom URL)

-Facility Insurance (COI)

-Background Checks

-Awards (Rings and Medals)

-Team Football

-Warehousing & Shipping (Uniforms bagged by team/coach, shipped by location)


-Performance Uniform Top

-Performance Uniform Bottom

-Pop Flag Belt

-Player Insurance (General Liability)

We work with you to develop the operating model, based on fixed and variable costs associated with managing your league. From there, we reverse engineer how best to scale your registration fees and revenue opportunities to produce desired results. In addition to player registration fees (and setting them appropriately), sponsorships, concessions, and gear sales, are a few of the many opportunities for supplement revenue within your league.

How long does it take to start a successful Gridiron League?

Although it varies by operator, location, relationships, etc., we typically recommend 3-6 months of lead time to start or begin new leagues.

The onboarding process can take 7-14 days and is largely dependent on forming your LLC, business bank account, and formalizing the operating agreement.

How many participants do I need for a successful season?

Depending on the number of age divisions being offered, the average league needs a minimum of 90-120 athletes per season to organize and operate a successful program. League size may vary by season, but the more kids in the league, the more teams per division, which helps with scheduling and creating a more level/competitive playing environment for all.

How long is the typical Gridiron season?

Season lengths typically vary slightly by the timing of the year in which they operate (Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer).

Fall, Winter, and Spring seasons are typically 6-8 weeks in length, including 8-10 games for each team.

Summer leagues can be shortened or broken into two sessions of 4-6 weeks, to work around travel, vacations, and kids being out of school!

What is the criteria needed to become an affiliated Gridiron League?

We believe successful leagues are created by the person, not the program. We place an emphasis on partnering and supporting individuals and small teams that are in this for the right reasons, and share the same passions for growing and developing athletes that we do!

Our selection and approval process includes a thorough vetting program to ensure prospective operators are a good fit for our Gridiron Standards, and that they will be successful from the very first season.

How do I secure a facility to run my league?

Identifying and securing a facility for your league is often one of the most difficult, and important decisions that a league operator will need to make.

Hosting your games in the right area, can make or break a league from the start. You should work with local parks and recreation departments, school districts, or privately-owned facilities to find the right fit, at the right cost.

Most venues will charge hourly or daily rates, but some may structure percentages based on registration fees. On a standard, full-size soccer or football field, you can fit 3-4 flag football fields (2-7v7 fields).

We can work with you to identify the best facility to use for your league!

How much time does it take to create a successful Gridiron League?

Our leagues, support, and operating structure are all designed for operators to manage their leagues on a part-time basis, with weekly hours varying by season and time of year.

During the off-season, you can expect to devote 30-60 minutes per day towards responding to customer service, handling pre-season operational tasks, marketing, and regular league communications.

Beginning 45-30 days from season start (varying by league size and number of locations), the time commitment increases as you begin rostering, scheduling, ordering uniforms, and working with parents and coaches to begin practices and distribute equipment.

Once you get through weeks 1 and 2, the workload begins to stabilize and increases again for championships/playoffs. The more organized the league operator, the more manageable operating the league can be. Like anything else, the more time, effort, energy, and resources that you can put into your league, the better returns you'll have!

Once you get through your first season, you repeat the process and adjust based on desired results!

What additional resources and tools do Gridiron League Operators receive?

We offer a full-service of tools and resources for new and existing league operators to support growing their successful programs. Registration systems, league management software, customized/co-branded league marketing, operator/coach/officials training resources, weekly 1v1 meetings, and 24/7 league operator support staff.

To grow a successful Gridiron league, how much should I be prepared to invest?

For all new leagues, getting off the ground is the toughest part. The initial season will take the most time, marketing spend, and gaining interest/recognition in the community.

Direct access to pre-existing email databases or partnerships with local organizations can help minimize the direct marketing spend needed, but based on the goals for your league you can expect to spend $500 to $5,000 on marketing alone.

In the early days, it is important to be strategic and calculated with your marketing spend, focusing on core initiatives that produce the best results. We have a proven direct marketing method and strategy based on league operator best practices that help new operators build and grow their programs.


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