The greatest game on earth for the coolest athletes on earth.

Not saying we're the best, but...

...we're the best. We work with professionally-trained coaches, host nationally-recognized camps and tournaments, and specialize in flag football and 7v7 football programs that progress with your 4-17 year old.

We play where we live.

Our local coaches, officials and league operators are the heartbeat of Gridiron. And each one is invested in your kid's personal and athletic development. We better, because you know where we live ;)

We're better than a day at Disney.

From the music, tents and flags of Game Day, to the highlight reels and pro-level swag, your kids will feel like superstars. And it's actually fun for parents, too (no, really!).

Player Impact Statements
Player Impact Statements
I couldn't be happier with my daughter's first experience with flag football. Such a great introduction to the sport, and such a fun game day experience - even I look forward to it!
— Kerry, Seattle
Player Impact Statements
Going to watch my kids play 7v7 football is the highlight of my week. We've tried several other programs, but Gridiron offers the level of competition they need and the fun experience they love.
— Andrew, Boston
Player Impact Statements
They say a picture's worth a thousand words. The look on my son's face makes it all worth it. Love the experience he's had with Gridiron.
— Jason, Minnesota
Player Impact Statements
The sweet ring of victory. And no one makes winning more fun than Gridiron. My son, owen, keeps this ring in a place of honor in his room - he's so proud!
— Kevin, Dallas