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Coach's Clinic

Program Details

Our Camp Series will kick off on Friday night with an Elite Coach’s Clinic led by NFA Senior Pro Staff Coaches. This evening session will pair classroom instruction with on-field demonstration.

This training will cover a broad range of non-contact coaching skills, from 5v5 plays for the new coach to 7v7 strategies for coaches looking to progress with their players. At Gridiron we emphasize the natural progression of the game, so this clinic is designed to provide each coach with a dynamic perspective on how to advance themselves and their players.

On Saturday, the Series will continue with a Gridiron player camp where newly certified coaches can practice their new skills in training Gridiron athletes of varying skill levels alongside NFA Pro Staff. The Gridiron player camp will run alongside the 2-3 day NFA Elite Camp.

All Gridiron coaches who complete the clinic will earn their Gridiron Elite Coach’s certification and gain access to the extensive library of digital coaching resources developed by NFA’s Pro Staff. This training provides coaches with inside knowledge and understanding from the nation’s elite NFA Pro Staff coaches to take their teams to the next level for seasons to come!

Program Cost

$15 Per Coach

Registration includes a Gridiron Elite Coach Hat
Certification clinic + coach at Gridiron Day Camp

Who should attend?

Youth football coaches of any experience level. Whether you have been coaching for many years or are looking forward to your first season with a blank playbook, this event will take your confidence in the game to the next level.

What could I bring?

We suggest bringing your playbook and/or note taking materials.

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The Gridiron X NFA Camp Series features training opportunities across the nation for Spring and Summer sessions.

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