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5v5 Flag Football

"Flag Football the fastest growing sport in the country."
Int'l Federation of American Football
"Flag Football the fastest growing sport in the country."

The Benefits of Flag Football

Flag football provides a safe, fun gameplay for kids of all ages and experience levels.

This non-contact program is a perfect way for kids and teens to learn foundational football skills, get active, meet new friends, and have fun! All with a special emphasis on safety.

• Co-ed play for boys and girls

• Divisions are formed by age or grade

• Gameplay is fun, fair, and safe

• Convenient game and practice times

• Dedicated to creating fun memories for players

All About Flag

A safe game play focused on the fundamentals of football for boys and girls of all ages and experience levels. Recreational or competitive options vary by league location.

Who is Flag Football for?

In short, anyone! It's great for kids that love football but aren't ready for a more rigorous play scheme, a player looking to learn football basics such as running, passing, positioning, and play calling.

League play varies from Recreational to competitive based on location. Find your local league to determine the level of play in your area.

When does Flag Football play?

Games are once a week and practice may be once or twice per week. Many teams practice the hour before game, though this varies by coach and league.

Depending on location, game schedules may be Friday, Saturday, and/or Sunday. Parents and players can expect to spend 2-3 hours at the field on game day.

Leagues may offer pre-season activities, such as a Fundamentals Clinic or Skills Development Clinic.

What's included with registration?

A minimum of 6 scheduled games

Gridiron Football Jersey

Championship Awards to 1st Place in each division

Certified Officials to enforce safe game play

How does Flag Football compare to 7v7 Football?

Flag football features teams of 5 or 6 players on the field at any one time. Players wear a belt around their waist with flags, which the opposing team tries to pull off (instead of tackling).

What gear will my kid need to play?

Gridiron is dedicated to ensuring players can participate and compete to their fullest while remaining safe. Because of this, certain gear is required for 5v5 Flag Football. Please note, gear requirements may vary by league location.

Recommended Gear

Custom Jersey, Football Gloves, Arm Sleeve, Practice Football, Soft-Shell Helmet

Required Gear

Mouthguard, Cleats, Shorts without Pockets

Equipment can be purchased during your registration process, or from the Gridiron Pro Shop below.


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