Parents/Guardians are encouraged to purchase Registration Protection during the Registration process if they have any concerns about their Child’s participation in Gridiron’s programs.


  • Full refunds are available up until teams are formed. Teams are formed 4 weeks before the first game of the season.  (Select markets may have a different refund policy. Check with your local operator to inquire about their refund policy leading up to a season).
  • 50% refunds will be offered after teams are formed and uniforms have been ordered. Uniforms are ordered starting 21- 28 days before the first games.
  • Registration Protection- This protection will provide the opportunity for a full refund, no questions asked, up until the first day of games being played.
  • No refunds after the first game has been played.

In the event of extenuating circumstances, registration refunds may be considered upon a written request from a Parent/Guardian. Examples of extenuating circumstances may include a Child’s injury, family relocation to a new region, or family hardship. In the event of an extenuating circumstance, please contact your local operator for further direction. The amount refunded, if any, will be solely determined by Gridiron.

Gridiron programs require a minimum commitment of two hours per week on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday depending on the respective league during the scheduled season. Parents/Guardians that are unwilling or unable to allow the Child to make the weekly time commitment will not receive any refunds or future credits for missed practices or games.