Fact #1. Get your rings ready… flag football is becoming an international Olympic event in 2028!

The progression of flag football, and non-contact football overall, has been fast and furious over the last decade. Despite humble beginnings as a relatively new sport, it’s quickly become the fastest-growing co-ed youth and adult sport in America, with the NFL recently converting its traditional Pro Bowl to flag football. Its rapid rise is largely due to the many high-profile, professional coaches and athletes who’ve come to value the skills, football IQ and athleticism that flag football teaches and directly translates to contact tackle football when age appropriate.

And while the football renaissance has been underway for a while now, one of its many crowning moments will be when flag football is introduced as an official Olympic competition in the Los Angeles 2028 Olympic Games.  

Fact #2. Flag football is arguably the most inclusive sport out there. 

From co-ed flag leagues to NAIA Female College teams, there aren’t too many sports where the playing field is as level for all. Whether your son or daughter is first experiencing the game or participating as a professional athlete, the opportunities available to them are endless.

Fact #3. It’s a great introductory sport for young children!

Flag football is about learning the fundamentals and having fun! With limited equipment needed (football & flag belts), the ability to play anywhere with relatively simple/flexible gameplay mechanics, flag football truly is a game for everyone to enjoy.

As an introductory program for 4–5-year old’s, we keep the game simple with age-specific programming, smaller field sizes, adequate roster sizes, and even coach QB’s!

Check out our Beginner's Guide for more information.

Fact #4. It’s the perfect sport for parents that want to help coach their son or daughter’s athletic teams.

Although flag football can be a highly competitive sport, it’s also a fantastic avenue for parents of various backgrounds to join their kid’s team as a volunteer coach. Practice schedules are very flexible, and we provide volunteers the resources they need to truly have an impact. From a full coaching certification course, sample playbooks, practice plans, and the flag football 101 basics videos that can be found on Gridironfb.com, we have every coach covered!

Fact #5. Flag Football is a fantastic way to give back to your community!

Our mission is to grow the game by growing the community, and it starts with you! There are numerous testimonials about the positive impacts of a flag football league or youth sports program.

Interested in getting started? Check out our start-a-league page today!

Fact #6. There are more opportunities in flag than just being a participant!

Our Junior Referee Program provides on-the-job experience, and resume building opportunities to teenagers and young adults. The program is designed to teach JR REF’s the basics of the game, how to communicate effectively, and how to manage (in many cases) their first job, all while being able to do it in a fun and positive atmosphere.

Interested in joining or getting your teenager involved in our JR REF program? Reach out to your local commissioner for availability or email the Gridiron Home Office at support@gridironfb.com.


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i feel like flag football is pretty fun i will let my kid mason morina join today.a

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