G5 / Nationals. The 3rd annual Gridiron Football National Flag Football Championship took place last weekend, with more than 1,128 athletes competing in the grand finale of the 2024 Gridiron Tournament Series.

Over the course of two days, athletes from 12 states and Mexico descended on Dallas, Texas. Each one left it all on the field for a chance to take home the rarest of rare things– a G5 national title. By the #s:

  • 285 games played over 18 hours on 14 flag football fields
  • 3,384 total attendees
  • 13 divisions, 30% of which were girls-only
  • A first-ever, Special Olympics Texas Unified Division
  • 115 degrees on the turf
  • 36 miles walked by each Gridiron staff person to make sure it was the best tournament ever
  • 40 Gridiron teams competed from league play across the country, with Gridiron Ducks from Florida claiming the 12U National Championship

Oh, and did we mention we had special guest appearances and 1-on-1 training sessions with members of the U.S. Women’s National Flag Football Team– Gridiron Football Brand Ambassador and U.S. National Team Quarterback, Vanita Krouch, and U.S. National Team Wide Receiver, Madison Fulford đŸ€Ż




The day before, Gridiron team members endured the blazing Texas sun to set the stage for the first day of competition– flags, tents, cones, pylons, signs, tables, concessions and partner booths set precisely across 10 flag football fields. The resulting sunburns were not in vain– everything was ready for the start of G5 Nationals.



Teams began arriving before 8am on Saturday, eager to test their metal. Over the next nine hours, 210 games were played– from 6U through adult divisions. Parents, siblings and friends lined the sidelines and bleachers, team tents set up to shield players from the unrelenting heat. And a bustling vendor village filled with premier sports brands, concessions and made-to-print tournament apparel made sure players and fans alike were kitted out with the best gear and food.



Decked out in official Gridiron uniforms, we were honored to host a division of Special Olympics Texas Unified adult athletes; a historic first, enabling all flag football athletes in Texas and beyond the chance to compete together on the same turf. Receiving high fives and cheers from fellow participants and Gridiron staff, it’s safe to say they were a true highlight of the tournament.



To cap the day, a select few were chosen to participate in 1-on-1 training sessions with their idols, Vanita Krouch and Madison Fulford, members of the U.S. Women’s National Flag Football team. They competed in flag pulling, route running and 1v1 WR vs DB match-ups. And at the end, walked away with signed footballs and lifelong memories.




The Star, training facility and headquarters of the Dallas Cowboys, made a fitting setting for bracket and championship games. The fact that it also gave us a reprieve from the Texas heat? Icing on the cake. Over the course of nine hours, 75 single elimination games were played. Each one, a make it or break it event for the hopeful athletes and fans.



As music and videos played on the big screen above, athletes beamed as they walked onto the turf, in awe of the setting and highly aware of the occasion. Each one, focused on the task at hand. Each one, ready to give their all and leave it all on the field.

And they did.



We witnessed incredible plays– the speed, agility and skill of these athletes was astonishing. But what impressed us even more was their heart– working as a team, overcoming the odds, and a mindset of what Vanita Krouch calls “we not me”. Win or lose, these young athletes played as a team.


Â ï»żwatch the video as the 12U Gridiron Football Ponte Vedra Ducks claim the national title


But for those who walked away champions, they enjoyed individual award ceremonies against the backdrop of The Star. In addition to the elusive national title, each team took home custom hats, official Gridiron rings, and a team trophy.

Check out the video highlights here:

G5 / Day One 


G5 / Day Two  





Wall of Champions

6U NTX Blitz


7U NTX Blitz


8U Heat Elite Sports Club


9U Wolverines Maize


10U Relentless


10U Lady Blackout Flag


11U Texas Ice Ice Babies


12U Gridiron Ponte Vedra Ducks


12U TFL Colts Lady Colts (Pink)


13U Venom


14U Bullitt Football Academy


14U SteelFlag Mexico


Special Olympics Texas Unified (Allen Dirty Birds)

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