Meet Nick Speegle. Former NFL athlete, husband, father, Gridiron coach.

A native of Albuquerque, New Mexico, Nick Speegle played college football at the University of New Mexico. He was then drafted by the Cleveland Browns in 2005 and played for two seasons before suffering a career-ending injury. But that hasn’t quenched his love of the game. For the past two years, Nick has added “Coach” to his resume. He’s serving as head coach for his two sons’ Gridiron New Mexico team, the 8u Gladiators.

Now watch as his sons, Dodger and Cannon, put him on the hot seat with questions like... "What's your favorite thing about coaching us?" and "Who's a better quarterback, Josh Allen or Patrick Mahomes?" 😲



Dodger Speegle: What sports did you play as a kid?

Nick Speegle: I played lots of soccer as a kid. I played one year of baseball, and in high school I ran track – I ran hurdles – and I played football.

Cannon Speegle: What was it like playing in the NFL?

Nick Speegle: It was pretty awesome. It was really fun playing in front of all those people in those big stadiums. I got to play against people that I grew up watching like Peyton Manning and Brett Favre and Tom Brady. And I got to see Ray Lewis playing, who played for the Ravens. It was pretty amazing.

Dodger Speegle: What’s your favorite thing about football?

Nick Speegle: My favorite thing about football is that you get to hit people. I played linebacker, so I love to hit people, and then you got to be with all your friends and you got to do something that’s really hard. And then if you win, you get to celebrate. That's my favorite thing about football.

Cannon Speegle: What's your favorite thing about coaching us?

Nick Speegle: Favorite thing about coaching you guys? I get to see you guys get better every single practice. It's so fun when I watch Cannon, when I watch you throw a touchdown pass, and Dodger when you snap the ball, and then you run out for a route and you catch the ball. That's my favorite thing. I love being around you guys.

Dodger Speegle: If you could have a superpower on the field, what would it be?

Nick Speegle: For sure it would be like flash, right? Super speed. If I could run super fast and I would definitely catch the ball, I would run the ball, I'd be able to tackle. If I could do that, I would win everything. So like Flash.

Cannon Speegle: Who's a better quarterback, Josh Allen or Patrick Mahomes?

Nick Speegle: Oh, that's a tough one. Well I like Josh Allen because he played for Wyoming and I played for New Mexico, and we were in the same conference. And he's big and he's strong and he's fast. But I think Patrick Mahomes is a better quarterback.

Nick Speegle: Is that it, guys? Good questions.


Special thanks to Nick and his family for joining us today on the "hot seat".

A few words from our Gridiron Albuquerque Commissioner, Pat Dyer: "Coach Speegle has been a member of Gridiron Football for several years while coaching his two young boys in our league. I am honored to have a story done for him and his wife and boys!  As a coach at NMSU, I had the opportunity to scout and watch Coach Speegle, play as a collegiate and as a professional athlete for several years with the Cleveland Browns. Coach Speegle and his wife are first class citizens and professionals within our community. His family serves as the model for our league."

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