Each of us has been affected by cancer– whether it’s a diagnosis given to a friend or family member, or one received ourselves. In fact, it’s estimated that 1.9 million people will hear that doctor’s report this year alone.

And one of our own, Logan Doty, from the 9u/10u Gridiron Giants of Cave Creek Arizona, is among them. Here's his story, as shared by his wonderful mom, Jacque. We hope you'll be encouraged by their fierce determination, and leave a comment of support below!


In May we received the worst news of our lives! Our 9 year old son Logan was diagnosed with a very rare malignant melanoma cancer. It was a tumor on his head. A team of doctors took Logan’s case at Phoenix Children’s Hospital. He has undergone two surgeries so far. The first surgery was removing a section the size of a baseball out of his head. They also took several more spots around his head and ear to be biopsied, along with having several cervical lymph nodes removed.  The second surgery was a skin graft taking skin from his hip area and placing it in his head to fill the hole. He will undergo 2-3 more surgeries for reconstruction of his head. They will pull his scalp together each time trying to get the hole shut and hair to grow back. His next surgery is scheduled for March 18th.

No child should have to endure the pain, poking from needles, numerous scans and tests that he has gone through. We have a long road ahead of us but Logan is a fighter. 



The look on Logan’s face we will never forget when his plastic surgeon gave him the okay to play flag football until his next surgery.  He could actually be a kid again! Logan attended Desert sun Academy in the past but is being homeschooled now. 

Joining Gridiron has been an absolute blessing for our family! To see the joy in Logan‘s face and watching him play his heart out on the field. This process has not been easy and has taken a toll on our entire family. Our other 4 kids have been so strong through all of this as well!

We want to thank you for showing support for the families that are hurting. All the extra love and support means a lot!!

– Jason and Jacque Doty (Logan Doty, son, playing for the Giants)



Jeanne mach said:

Were so proud of you Logan you’ve been so strong through everything, It was So great to see the smile on your face when you were told you could start playing football. We’re praying that the Following surgeries will go well and that we can put this all behind you. We love you Logan, love grandma and grandpa Mach

Catrina Gilbert said:

Praying for your son to be completely cancer free & praying for comfort & rest for your entire family. 🙏

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