DALLAS, May 9, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- The Women's National Football Conference (WNFC) and Gridiron Football announced an unprecedented partnership to redefine the future of girls and women in football. This strategic alliance unlocks the full football pipeline for female athletes – from youth to pro, flag to tackle - and creates a fertile ground for the economic growth and sustainability of women's football.

Amid its landmark 5th season, the WNFC stands as a model of innovation in women's professional football. With a footprint spanning 16 teams nationwide and a roster representing a multitude of countries, the league epitomizes the global appeal and economic potential of women's football. Bolstered by strategic sponsorships with industry titans such as adidas and Riddell alongside broadcasting agreements with CaffeineTV and DAZN, the WNFC has solidified its position as a premier sports property, captivating a diverse audience of over 20 million fans.

"This partnership represents more than just a collaboration between two organizations; it's a commitment to nurturing talent, fostering inclusivity, and empowering girls at every stage of their football journey. Together, we will build bridges from flag to tackle, creating a seamless pathway for aspiring athletes to fulfill their dreams", remarks Odessa Jenkins, CEO of the Women's National Football Conference. 

As a national leader in youth non-contact football, Gridiron Football's leagues, camps and tournaments provide an unrivaled training ground for more than 30,000 athletes, ages 4-17. And with their nationally recognized Gridiron Girls initiative and G Series tournament circuit, they've set the standard for female athletic development in the sport.

"We recognize the immense potential inherent in girl's and women's football, and the dramatic gap in leadership," shares Scott Dillon, CEO of Gridiron Football. "In the WNFC, we're partnering with the dominant organization in women's football and, most importantly, with business and sports leaders who share a common vision to create development and engagement opportunities for the greatest female athletes in the world. And together, we are creating an unparalleled 'force' for good in the marketplace."

With a steadfast commitment to innovation, inclusivity, and economic growth, the WNFC and Gridiron Football are poised to chart a new course for women's football; one that promises to leave an indelible mark on the sports and business landscape.

About Gridiron Football
Gridiron Football is a national leader in youth flag football and 7v7 football. Gridiron brings together professionally trained coaches, officials and league organizers to provide an unrivaled football experience for boys and girls, ages 4-17. From recreational to highly competitive, Gridiron's nationally- recognized leagues, camps and tournaments help all young athletes develop on-and-off the field. For more information, visit gridironfb.com.

About WNFC
Headed into its 5th season in 2024, the WNFC is the most advanced women's tackle football league in the world. Featuring 16 teams across the US, with players from 12+ countries, the WNFC is a thrilling sports property that combines football and entertainment with a mission to accelerate financial equity in sports for women and girls through the power of football. The league provides the only dedicated women's American Football online shopping space in the world where you can purchase wholly owned, league-branded apparel for 100% of all participating teams (https://www.wnfcfootball.com/shop). The league has sponsorship agreements with adidas, Riddell, DICK'S Sporting Goods, United Sports Brands and has broadcasting partnerships with CaffeineTV, and DAZN. The league has seen record digital reach, connecting with over 20M fans through the league's social media channels and broadcast partnerships.


David Makauskas said:

Excited to see this partnership with WNFC and Gridiron Football. Thank everyone who has been involved with making this happen.

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