It's been a great month for football! Of course we all love a good Super Bowl match-up (and this year's game couldn't have been closer!). But hope you didn't miss the 2023 NFL Pro Bowl the week prior. If you did, you're in luck. Here's a one sentence recap (btw, the NFC took home the crown)–

The NFL and its players had a blast participating in non-contact flag football and skills competitions instead of the traditional format of previous seasons.

After a long season, the athletes appreciated the non-contact style, competitiveness and overall fun provided by the flag football format. And fans loved it, too! Viewership hit 6.3 million and 60,000 attended in person. So needless-to-say, this updated and "new age" Pro Bowl Games format is here to stay.

"I don't see us going back in any way," Goodell said of the event. "I think this is the future for us."

Pro Bowl Highlights ESPN Pro Bowl Recap | Game Summary

So, why is this important?

At the largest scale, the NFL has showcased the beneficial impact that non-contact, flag football can have in supporting and growing the game of football as a whole. The direct, symbiotic relationship between traditional 11v11 tackle football and non-contact flag football has never been as clearly defined as it was in the Pro Bowl and how it will continue to be for years to come (per the NFL’s direct comments). The goal for every youth, teen, girls, and adult flag football organization is to grow participation in the game, and finally we are receiving the support and exposure to share our beliefs. 

Gridiron Football, our partner organizations, league operators, coaches, officials, parents, and participants are the future of the sport of football. Starting with our 4 year old and under developmental programs to introduce young athletes to the basics of football, progressing to local recreational and competitive 5v5/6v6/7v7 flag football, to competing at elite state/regional/national tournaments, the goal is to always grow the game while creating memorable experiences for all.

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