One of the many things we love about flag football is that it doesn’t require fancy equipment to play. In fact, you only need a few essentials! To make it easy, we’ve put together a list of items that will ensure your kid is ready to hit the Gridiron come Game Day:

Gridiron Team Uniform. Each of our players receives an official Gridiron jersey, shorts and flag belt upon registration. Score! But it never hurts to have some extra layers on hand just in case (a long-sleeved shirt, rain jacket, cold-weather compression clothes, etc.).

Football Mouth Guard. The rules of flag football require a mouth guard, and it’s the only protective gear that players must wear. We recommend having a backup in your bag, just in case. And don’t worry, there are some pretty fierce options available these days!

Football Cleats. Flag football is all about speed and agility. But that doesn’t work if you’re slipping on the field! Just make sure your cleats don’t have metal spikes. These are optional.

Football Receiver Gloves. Looking for a little extra grip? Some players love a good pair of gloves to hold onto the ball just a little tighter. These aren’t required, though!

Football. It probably goes without saying, since this is flag "football", but... we recommend having a football around for impromptu backyard tosses and practice sessions alike. After all, improving your skills requires practice!


  • Gear Bag: Kids can be hard enough to wrangle. Keeping their gear organized, too? Forget it. So we recommend getting a dedicated bag for all their flag equipment, making it easy to grab-and-go on Game Day.
  • Drinks: We can’t overstate the importance of hydration. So make sure to fill a large, insulated bottle with ice water before game time. Sports drinks are a great alternative to replenish electrolytes.
  • Healthy Snacks: Not just for half-time, light snacks can be a great way to prep for practices or games. We consulted the experts (i.e. you!) for some go-to options.
  • Sunscreen or Bug Spray: Playing sports (and watching them) comes with a lot of time under the hot sun or in the early evening hours. Don’t forget to grab some sunscreen and bug spray before leaving the house on Game Day. You’ll thank us later!
  • Necessary Medications: If your son or daughter has allergies or asthma, be sure to have their epinephrine auto-injector or inhaler with you in case they have an attack.
  • Cash: Mouth guards are as easy to lose as car keys (seriously, where do they go?!). So we always recommend keeping at least $10 in your kid’s gear bag for last-minute gear replacements or in case of emergency.

Check out more player essentials in the Gridiron Pro Shop! And don't worry if you forget something on Game Day. Most of our leagues have equipment available for on-site purchase, too!

Sign up for our next season of flag or 7v7 football! Find your league here.

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