Introducing the Gridiron Blitz, a speed round of hard-hitting questions like… favorite pre-game snack, go-to Starbucks order and - in true Gridiron fashion - best song for Game Day. Yup, there might even be a little acapella singing involved.

In our inaugural episode, we sit down with former NFL athletes, Josh Barrett (Denver Broncos, New England Patriots) and Rico Gathers (Dallas Cowboys) at The Star, home of the Dallas Cowboys and our national championship this summer.

Get ready to smile, laugh and find out who their favorite NFL players really are 😲.




Rico Gathers: Gridiron Blitz.

Justine Ward (Gridiron): Rico. Last thing you googled.

Rico Gathers: What time the game is for tonight.

Justine Ward (Gridiron): Josh, what is your Starbucks order?

Josh Barrett: Don't go there.

Rico Gathers: Matcha tea latte. Two pumps, brown sugar; two pumps, white chocolate.

Justine Ward (Gridiron): Mantra you swear by?

Josh Barrett: Big effort, big results

Rico Gathers: Earn your way in.

Justine Ward (Gridiron): If they were to create a new crayon and that crayon represented you, what would the name of that crayon be?

Rico Gathers: Flamboyance.

Justine Ward (Gridiron): Josh?

Josh Barrett: Oh, my turn. Cool breeze.

Justine Ward (Gridiron): Ooh. These are good. These are good. Favorite football player, past or present?

Josh Barrett: Randy Moss. Check. Brian Dawkins.

Rico Gathers: Uh, Dez Bryant.

Justine Ward (Gridiron): Your team's down by seven, 10 seconds to go. What are you doing to win the game?

Josh Barrett: Wait, We need more information. What sport? Yeah, we need more information.

Justine Ward (Gridiron): You're at the 20 yard line. You're down seven with 10 seconds to go.

Josh Barrett: They are on 20. They need 20 yards to score?

Justine Ward (Gridiron): Yeah, exactly.

Rico Gathers: Throw the ball to Rico. So what about Rico?

Josh Barrett: So we're doubling Rico defensively. We're doubling him. So we've got to make the quarterback get it in a tight window. Man coverage too high man. And we got to get our edge. We got to get pressure on the quarterback. Get that ball out quick.

Rico Gathers: Hey, there's no ceiling.

Justine Ward (Gridiron): Who wins in a one on one game of basketball?

Josh Barrett: Come on, me! He's everything. All everything. But you know what? He probably would.

Rico Gathers: I ain't even going to answer that question. Like what's understood don't need to be explained.

Justine Ward (Gridiron): Who runs a faster 40?

Rico Gathers: Oh yeah, definitely him. That's the four three right there.

Josh Barrett: I mean I'll get that one.

Rico Gathers: Brand it, put it on display. But I ran a four six.

Justine Ward (Gridiron): That's pretty good. That's pretty good. How tall are you, Rico?

Rico Gathers: I'm six eight. At that time, I was 280.

Justine Ward (Gridiron): Wow, that’s impressive.

Rico Gathers: That's moving. That's moving.

Justine Ward (Gridiron): Favorite pre-game snack.

Rico Gathers: Skittles.

Josh Barrett: I was kind of like empty stomach player. I always wanted to be kind of empty.

Rico Gathers: What are you doing when you get to halftime?

Josh Barrett: And then halftime is always like peanut butter, banana, orange juice.

Justine Ward (Gridiron): Song you have to listen to before you step out on the field.

Rico Gathers: Right now. Man it's Boston Richie. Dougie.

Josh Barrett: I'll go a little older.

Justine Ward (Gridiron): How old are you talking?

Josh Barrett: Just Jay-Z. You know Jay-Z. Jay-Z.

Justine Ward (Gridiron): I think I've heard of him.

Josh Barrett: Anything. Jay-Z. Any pumper by Jay-Z.

Justine Ward (Gridiron): Can you give us a musical sampling?

Josh Barrett My voice is a little hoarse. I've been yelling down at Rico.

Justine Ward (Gridiron): Rico, are you a singer?

Rico Gathers: Of course.

Justine Ward (Gridiron): What would you like to sing for us?

Josh Barrett: Please.

Rico Gathers: On your red dress. Put on those high heels.

Rico Gathers + Josh Barrett: Yeah. I'm gonna show you.

Rico Gathers: Oh, and you know what song I do like, though? And it's fresh off a movie– that Super Mario Bros., Bowser. Peaches. Peaches. Peaches. Peaches. Peaches.

Justine Ward (Gridiron): Renaissance men right here. They can do it all. Basketball. Football. Coach. Sing.

Rico Gathers: Multi-faceted.

Justine Ward (Gridiron): Thank you both. Great job. Gridiron Blitz.

Josh Barrett: Thank you, guys.

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