The Gridiron “Grow the Game” initiative reflects our commitment to give our volunteer coaches the support, resources, and mentoring they need to create an amazing experience for both themselves and our athletes. And we believe it’s one of the most important ways we can positively impact flag football, our athletes and their families each season.

Bob Winstead, former pro athlete turned coach and Gridiron North Carolina commissioner, shares his insight on the importance of what this initiative can do for young people, communities, and families as a whole.


“Let me start by saying- I live to coach. I admire all those who have and will hold the coveted title of “Coach”. I deeply care about the future of coaching- because I care about the athletes who are being coached. This initiative is designed to highlight areas where we believe we can all improve as coaches, mentors, leaders, and role models. 

Our goal is to identify and elevate the coaches we know are “doing it right”. To encourage them to mentor existing coaches and anyone desirous of coaching, in hopes that their “good” will be contagious. We want to encourage more individuals with sound character to enter coaching (no matter the skill level or football knowledge).

When I was growing up, my football coaches were some of my biggest role models. They taught me this beautiful game, how to lead by example, and to love on and off the field. They also assisted in teaching me “life”. You know: manners, respect, responsibility, and the ever important quality of sportsmanship. So I know first hand that your child will be “influenced” by the type of person their coach is, and that influence will potentially be reflective in his/her life and actions outside of the game itself. We want that influence to be a positive one!”


Gridiron knows how essential volunteer coaches are to the experience we’re creating for players and their families. And now more than ever, we’re focused on empowering coaches to successfully lead and mentor the athletes across our leagues. So whether you’re a rookie considering his / her first year of coaching or a veteran like Bob, we’ve pulled together the best tools, training and resources to make your experience really fun and easy!

Our Coaches Resources library provides you with the digital tools and training to ensure your success and a great experience coaching. From printable documents to instructional videos, we aim to do everything we can so our coaches can feel confident in the role they are serving for young athletes.


Interested in becoming a coach with Gridiron this fall to Grow the Game? Or would you like your athlete to be mentored by a Gridiron coach? Connect with your local league today! 


(As an added safety measure, the information you submit during coaching registration is also submitted for a mandatory background check as a required part of the process. )

August 18, 2022 — Kara Soule
Tags: Coaches

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