We’re committed to providing the absolute best experience for our players, coaches and families. That’s why we’re here. And that’s what drives what we do.

We want your kids to learn, grow and love this sport; to wake up early on Game Days because they’re so excited to join their friends on the Gridiron. We want this to be a great season for our volunteer coaches; to experience the reward of mentoring kids and growing in the game of football. And we want this to be a fun, stress-free part of the weekend for you, as parents; to see your kids living their best lives.

Just ask our CEO––


And here’s how we demonstrate that commitment to you:


Gridiron Customer Service

We call our community the “Gridiron Family” for a reason. It’s personal to us. And we always take care of our family. So you can expect to receive personal, quality customer service at every turn. If you want to connect with our HQ team, email us any time at support@gridironfb.com. Have a question for your local commissioner? Visit our Directory to find their contact information and speak with them directly.

Gridiron Communication

As in any relationship, communication is key. Our goal is to answer your questions before you ask them. So we provide a library of resources here on GridironFB.com. New to flag football? Visit our Getting Started Guide. Looking for a local league? Try our interactive League Finder! Need to “gear up” for the next season? We’ve got the best equipment at our Pro Shop. Considering becoming a coach? Visit our Resource Library. And each of our commissioner’s is equally committed to sharing timely, pertinent information for their Gridiron leagues and events.

Gridiron Accommodation

You’re not a number to us. We want every player, coach and parent to feel recognized, valued and heard. If there’s something you need, please reach out and let us or your local Commissioner know!

Gridiron Game Day Experience

We make a pretty big claim that our Game Days are better than a day at Disney. But really, we hope that’s how you feel approaching a Gridiron field. From the music, tents and flags to the excitement of our local staff. We want the time your family spends with us to be the best part of your weekends. Follow along on Instagram to catch local Game Day highlights!

Gridiron Organization

Raising a family is hard (but incredibly important) work– coordinating schedules, registering for activities, carpooling between various commitments. We want being a member of the Gridiron family to be easy. So each of our leagues is committed to being *almost* OCD when it comes to organization– whether it's easy access to registration and schedules or a stress-free game day.

Gridiron Quality Coaching

Coaches aren’t hall monitors or babysitters here at Gridiron. They’re mentors. The impact they have lasts far longer than a flag football season. So we’ve put together a Coach’s Library filled with resources– whether just getting started or continuing as a coach with Gridiron. And we’ve also partnered with NFA to produce a series of professional training videos and coach’s clinics to ensure our coaches are fully-equipped to operate at the highest standards. Reading to don a coach’s whistle? Get all the details here.

Gridiron Quality Officiating

We hold our officials to the same high, unyielding standards as our coaches. While their responsibilities may differ on Game Day, their standing as role models to the kids they serve do not. Learn more and get involved here.

Gridiron Memories

Wins and losses fade, but it’s the character developed, the friendships formed, and the memories made that last forever. And it’s what drives everything we do, and the Game Day experience we create.

Gridiron Optimization

Our commitment to you? We will never stop learning from you, and we will never stop improving for you. We welcome your thoughts, feedback and ideas. We want your experience with Gridiron to be unforgettable (in a good way!). So let us know how we can serve you better.


Ready to see it all in action? Visit our League Finder today to learn more about our local programs and experience the Gridiron Standard for yourself.


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