G Series / Texas. Aka Gridiron Goes Global. “Honor the tradition. Step into the future”. As much a motto for Baylor University’s football team as it was for the young athletes competing in the first G SERIES Texas regional tournament at McLane Stadium (home of the Baylor Bears) earlier this month.

And what a weekend it was.

Over the course of two days, more than 650 kids descended on Waco, Texas for a chance to claim the first G SERIES regional title in Texas and a half bid invite to the Gridiron National Championship at the Dallas Cowboys’ headquarters in June. By the #s:

  • 21 hours of pool and bracket play
  • 63 teams comprised of 650 athletes from 6-14
  • 13 flag and 7v7 division champions, 4 of whom were girls-only
  • 26 miles walked by each Gridiron staff person to make sure it was the best tournament ever

Oh, and did we mention we had two teams travel from Mexico to compete??


As dawn broke over the Brazos River in Waco, Texas early Saturday morning, more than 400 youth flag football athletes stepped onto the turf. Competing not only against fellow Texans (a worthy challenge, to be sure), but a Gridiron team from Atlanta and two elite traveling teams from Mexico. One team even had an NFL ringer, by way of their head coach and former NY Jets Quarterback, Brad Smith. Over the next twelve hours, competition intensified as 250 boys and 150 girls, ages 6 to 14, battled it out through pool and bracket play.



In the end, only nine champions could be crowned. And as the sun set that night, under the glow of the stadium lights, they were.




Sunday brought a new day, and a new play style. 7v7. As fast as flag, but with the added intricacies of position-focused play. And play they did.



22 teams, and more than 250 athletes ages 10 to 14, competed in more than ten hours of pool and bracket play. And in the end, four champions walked away with their first G SERIES (G7) championship.



Hear from Manny Arceneaux, wide receiver for the Edmonton Elks (of the Canadian Football League) and head coach of the 14U The Mad Squad:

The Baylor G-Series Tournament was a wonderful experience from check in to the final seconds of missing an opportunity of playing in the championship game by giving up a last minute Score to Lorena.

Playing in the stadium also motivated my players to believe that if they work hard on and off the field one day it can be them suiting up and experiencing coming out of the tunnel and playing college football.

Overall the experience was great, my team was able to get some exposure plus you have to be able to get on the road and go win games. Can’t only perform at home. But I would recommend this G7 to anyone wanting to experience how the 7v7 circuit suppose to be ran.


G5 Highlight Reel


G7 Highlight Reel 



Special thanks to the 63 teams who traveled near and (very!) far to join us for the G SERIES: TX regional tournament! Who’s ready for more?? G SERIES: CA is coming soon!


Wall of Champions



1st Place: Cedar Park Bulldogs
2nd Place: AO Select



1st Place: Cedar Park Bulldogs
2nd Place: EA Bombers



1st Place: AO Select
2nd Place: AO Select 9U (their 2nd team in that division)



1st Place: S-Flag Mexico- Gold
2nd Place: Money Boyz



1st Place: S-Flag Mexico Gold
2nd Place: CTX Xtreme


8U Girls

1st Place: Lady Blackout
2nd Place: Lady Spartans


10U Girls

1st Place: Bear None
2nd Place: TFL Lady Colts


12U Girls

1st Place: TFL Lady Colts
2nd Place: Texans UD Xtreme


14U Girls

1st Place: Lady Spartans
2nd Place: Lady Blackout 


10U 7v7

1st Place: EMYA Frogs
2nd Place: Central Texas Chargers


12U 7v7

1st Place: Dragons SC30
2nd Place: MBK Raiders


13U 7v7

1st Place: Triple Threat Sports
2nd Place: Crawford Pirates


14U 7v7

1st Place: Lorena Leopards
2nd Place: LandSharks Silver

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